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Guide to Online

General tips for students

  • Login early, often, and daily.
  • Check your email all the time by logging into mail.ku.edu. Some student staff may need to check their email at outlook.office365.com. Don't trust your email to be forwarded.
  • We're all in this together. Be patient, give grace, and receive it.

Communication and Collaboration

If there are changes to the way your course is delivered, you should expect to receive information from your instructor. Your instructor may post this information using an Announcement in Blackboard and/or an email to your class.

Tips for keeping in touch and staying on track:

  1. Check your email throughout the day at mail.ku.edu. Some student staff may need to check their email at outlook.office365.com.
  2. Login to Blackboard and check announcements. Most instructors will be using Blackboard as the launch-point for online information.
  3. Review any communications from your instructor and familiarize yourself with any updates to the course structure, syllabus, communication preferences, etc. Make a list of your questions not yet addressed.
  4. Some courses may ask that you join a live Zoom meeting. You can join Zoom meetings using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. See Student Tech How To for guides and tutorials on using Zoom.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are struggling. Your instructors want you to succeed and are here to help you resolve any issues you may have in the class. Online instructors hold office hours so you can always set up a time to chat with them via phone, Zoom, or email. Don’t forget your assigned advisor is also there for support.

Know Your Dates

Use a planner or calendar to help keep a sense of the schedule. It’s highly recommended that you check with your instructor regarding any changes to class times, due dates, papers and exams and plot them on a calendar or in your planner to ensure that you stay on top of all deadlines. Some assignments are due at 5PM, some at midnight. Each class is different.

Plan Ahead for Technical Difficulties

In an online class, most courses will use Blackboard and ask that you submit all assignments, exams, etc., at courseware.ku.edu. If possible you will want to try to submit your assignments before the very last minute it is due in case of technical difficulties or internet issues. If you run into technical issues, contact your instructor and blackboardsupport@ku.edu right way to get these resolved. Please do not use the Blackboard Mobile App to submit assignments, papers, exams, etc.

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