A partnership of CTE, CODL and KU IT

Adobe Creative Cloud

KU Information Technology, the School of Journalism and the KU Bookstore Tech Shop have partnered to secure discounted Adobe Creative Cloud licenses for KU students. You are now able to purchase a personal subscription for Adobe Creative Cloud for $150 and subscriptions are good until October 2021. This is a considerable savings from Adobe’s typical educational pricing of $20 a month for the first year and $30 a month each year after. Learn more at kubookstore.com/students-adobe.

As in past semesters, Adobe Creative Cloud and other specialized software is available to students at no cost in several campus and department computer labs. You can walk in and access theses computers within the spaces or remotely access the computers through Virtual Lab (Tip: Once you log in, select “Desktops” in the top bar to remotely access campus lab computers). 

Please note that the free access Adobe granted for Creative Cloud this spring has expired.